Value Engineering

Design for Manufacturing and cost planning through re-engineering of existing mechatronic systems and components through state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies

Value engineering is a structured framework to maximize value by understanding the product, measuring and challenging its functionality and balancing costs and customer value.

Eye on costs
Margins are constantly under pressure: many players experienced price erosion of their products while production costs steadily increase. At the same time, customers are not very willing to pay more without the addition of important new features to the product. This mechanism reduces the profitability of a product throughout its life cycle.

As a result, the ability to define and realize cost roadmaps is gaining importance. The key is to design-in the required costs downs, such that the margin targets are met. It is much easier to influence costs at the start of the design process.

NTS Norma’s approach
NTS Norma’s value engineering approach is specifically tuned towards a collaborative high-tech development environment. NTS Norma combines a systematic approach with practical knowledge of manufacturing techniques, thorough knowledge of relevant suppliers, with soft skills to operate in complex , “multi stakeholder”, customer environments, and with engineering skills to assess optimum match of component and manufacturing specifications in relation to the system specifications.

NTS Norma has a unique approach to value engineering.  In workshops and in close collaboration with its customer, NTS Norma engineers analyse where specifications can be relaxed, which suppliers offer best value, which ones are the best manufacturing technologies. Together with the customer, ideas are listed, analysed and selected on the basis of Return on Investment. NTS Norma has carried out several projects that led to a 20-30% cost down of existing products, building on its extensive design, manufacturing and supply chain knowledge.

Engineering & Configuratiemanagement

From functional design to functioning end product, NTS Norma supports the entire process with advanced engineering capabilities. Our track record covers 50 years of high-tech clients from various industries. NTS Norma possesses the required domain knowledge and is fully prepared to comply to the applicable industry standards, with highly trained staff, high-tech machinery and most modern facilities. In addition, we have developed a standard (AS9100-compliant) to meet all possible requirements and can offer our customers tailor-made solutions. After all, system design is at the heart of every innovation.

Manage risks and cost
For the design and development we apply a standardized process. Core of this process is the separation of the project in well defined phases. These phases are all reviewed and the next phase will only start after a successful review of the previous phase.

The staged approach is sequential in order to strictly manage risks and cost. Each phase comes with entrance and exit criteria, which are reviewed by both NTS Norma and the customer when moving to the next phase.

The Preliminary design phase includes review of requirements and interfaces, analyses and 3D modeling of selected concepts. In the Preliminary design review (PDR), one of these concepts is selected for further detailing. The selected design is modelled in detail during the Detailed design phase, which is followed by a Critical Design Review (CDR) to assess the final design. When the final design is accepted by all parties involved, further detailing starts.

Configuration Management
During the whole process, a Technical Construction Dossier (TCD) is maintained. This TCD includes all documentation related to the project such as requirements, test plans, drawings, risk analyses etc. The TCD is updated and complemented at the start and at the end of each phase in the project. Upon finalizing the project, the TCD forms the basis for the Technical Product Documentation (TPD). The TDP contains all relevant information to produce the designed system. NTS Norma can assist you in building and maintaining the TPD.