NTS Norma is a reliable and flexible supplier for machine builders in the semiconductor industry. An example of this is the production of a measurement system for wafers. We are a high-tech company, professional and particularly well skilled in following market movements.

Since the market for semiconductors is synonymous for cyclicity, we can, if desired, quickly increase or decrease output. For many of our customers, this flexibility and quality are essential.

Analytical & Life Sciences

The medical market requires high technological solutions and knowledge. This seamlessly fits the core competencies of  NTS Norma. Due to our high standard of quality and ultra-precision, we are now the system supplier of many medical companies.

We invest in knowledge and equipment to serve the medical market optimally because we expect an increasing demand for complex systems and modules due to the global population growth, an ageing world population, but also because of the growing prosperity of the rich countries.


NTS Norma supports its clients in the optical market by accelerating and optimising technology so that answers can be searched effectively. The result contributes to discoveries that have a worldwide impact. NTS Norma stands for quality and reliability, and with over 50 years of experience in the field of precision machining and ultra-precision modules, assignments in which high performance is essential are in safe hands with us.