Cleanroom assembly

If ultra-clean requirements apply, such is the case for various semiconductor-related products, installation takes place in our modern cleanroom with UCV and UHF cleaning facilities. Of course we also build systems and modules outside the cleanroom, including for the aviation industry. As a rule, the modules and systems we design and build include complex mechanical components.

Joining techniques

NTS Norma has specific expertise in the field of connections. Our staff and equipment are capable of:

  • ultra-precise riveting
  • gluing
  • bonding
  • dip brazing
  • vacuum soldering
  • composite/ metal joining

It usually involves large and complex designs that must be connected with extreme precision. It is often necessary for the design to be manufactured water and airtight, so ultra-precision and durability are essential. Because we dispose of very high-quality connection technologies, we have clients from a large variety of industries.

NTS Norma holds the Nadcap Certificate for dip brazing