Knowledge and application of materials

The choice for a particular material or combination of materials is made by our specially trained material technologists based on the desired application, the desired durability or the quality requirements. NTS Norma has ample expertise and experience with different types of steel (including hardened steel), aluminium, special alloys (such as nickel and titanium) and composites. Our material technologists always make a well-founded selection in order to provide the client with the best possible application.


NTS Norma has a wide range of equipment to produce high precision parts

  • Axes milling/turning
  • Wire erosion
  • Sink erosion
  • Cylindrical & jig grinding
  • Flat & profile grinding
  • CNC (precision) turning & milling
  • Measuring
  • Laser welding, marking & lepping
  • Vacuum welding & dip brazing
  • Program systems

Dip Brazing & Vacuum

Dip Brazing, also called hard soldering of aluminium, is a particularly high-quality solution. A soldering paste or film is applied on both aluminium parts to be joined. The whole is dipped in a molten salt bath of 595 ºC, causing the soldering paste to become liquid and both parts to melt together. NTS Norma has recently taken a new high-vacuum brazing furnace into use. Due to the high vacuum, oxygen is removed from the brazing process, thus preventing corrosion. In both forms of brazing, a gas and watertight connection is created. The only difference is that a saline bath is used for dip brazing, and a vacuum furnace for vacuum brazing, while both provide a durable and high-quality result.